Services and Fees

Tree of Life Counseling Offers the following services:

Group Therapy -$75-150 (Based on how long the group is held)

Social Skills Art Groups
Group Therapy
Art Groups for managing emotions (children and teens)
DBT and Mindfulness Art Group (for children, teens and adults)

Individual and Family Therapy -$100

Adult Therapy
Child Counseling
Individual Therapy
Teen Coaching
Art Therapy

Parenting Support (Individual and Groups available) Price variable depending on individual or group

Gain Skills for improving behaviors, implementing consequences and getting respect from your kids
Parenting Groups for Pre-School Parents
Parenting Groups for High School Parents


Intake $130

All new clients will be given an intake appointment. In this appointment the therapist will discuss all goals and choose the best programs for your or your child’s needs. A treatment plan is developed during this time and all areas of concern that you may have are discussed in detail so that we may better serve your needs.