Coming soon! Summer Art Classes with a Purpose…

After reassessing my business, I realized that Sanctuary Studio is more than just a place to take art classes. It is a place of tremendous healing spiritually. Myself and many others that have come through the doors of the studio experience the power of God at work whether it be through the joy of the children’s classes or through teaching women to let go of that inner critic and begin to experience the joy of art.  So this summer’s classes will be geared toward continuing with that vision.

These are just a few teasers for the classes and times and dates will be announced soon so please check back to my website regularly!


Children’s Art and Therapeutic Classes

Anger, Sadness and Joy…  learning to deal with unwanted emotions by painting the inside out characters while learning what the Bible says about how to deal with these emotions.

Women’s Expressive Art Classes

Using the book Create Your Life Book, we will be exploring several projects over the summer!

Letting go and Surrendering to God’s will for your life!

In this class we will create a beautiful butterfly and discuss what it means to be transformed in your thoughts and behaviors to surrender your life to God in order to be free from the burdens we carry such as anxiety, fear and depression

Reframing Your Story

In this class we will create a self portrait but in a new way. God wants us to not live in the lies of our past but wants us to reframe our stories to reflect the good that He has done in us!

Gratitude for all we have!

This class will help us to understand the concept of “Give Thanks to God for all He has done”. Gratitude changes everything and in this class we will crate little gratitude lists and create this cute little project to remind you to always be grateful!

Poured Art!

This class is just fun! Poured out is a new method that is fun and gets you thinking outside the box! Each person will create this beautiful gem colors in their own one of a kind poured art project!!


Stay tuned for dates and times on all of the classes and be sure to register to save the seats as they will be limited!!

Looking so forward to seeing old and new friends at Sanctuary Studio for the summer!!