What is Wellness?

When most of us think of wellness we think of doing things medically to make us well. We may think of eating well, moving well and sleeping well. However, wellness is much more than just these few things

Physical Wellness

Eating well, drinking water, moving your body and getting regular checkups are important for physical wellness. However, professionals are finding more and more that physical wellness can come from engaging in hobbies and activities that incorporate movement such as art, dance or music.  Physical wellness also comes from using complimentary things such as vitamins and minerals and essential oils to help with minor physical ailments.  Being balanced is important and being physically balanced in these areas are crucial

 Mental Wellness

Making an appointment with a counselor is usually a person’s first step when they are suffering from minor stress, anxiety and depression.  Seeking help is a great thing but there are additional things that you can do to help with being mentally well.  Taking an art class, starting a new hobby or just giving yourself time to do something you enjoy are just as important as going to seek professional help. Sometimes it is as simple as taking a hot bath with some aromatherapy or taking a class to unwind and clear your head.  Taking mental breaks are important to long term mental health.

Spiritual Wellness

Finding meaning is important to human beings.  We are spiritual beings first and foremost created by God and when we are busy and focused on worldly things, we can become very unbalanced and lose sight and purpose for our lives.  Prayer, meditation and reading devotionals to start your day can help you to set your day in motion and help you see the big picture and purpose for your day.  Staying centered spiritually is the most important thing you can do toward wellness.

Emotional Wellness 

Do you have difficulty expressing yourself? Would you like to say no but usually say yes? Do you find yourself managing negative emotions with food, alcohol or other substances?  Learning how to manage emotional health is extremely important. My classes offer a way for people to come and be themselves and express their emotions through creativity in a non-judgmental atmosphere.  Creativity releases emotions in a safe place and not on a person.  Other ways to manage emotions are to keep journals and to use alternative holistic methods such as diet, exercise, using essential oils and even acupuncture.  

If you are ready to practice Wellness in the New Year, please contact me at Sanctuary Studio. My studio is a place to practice creativity and other holistic methods to learn to be well, mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. As a licensed therapist and artist and health advocate, I incorporate all of these things into my environment to make it the most inviting and relaxing experience you can find.  


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