Permission to Start Living….

Today I want to tell you what a lot of people may not say that you need to hear…

It’s time to give yourself permission to start living. You have been through a divorce, an illness, a financial crisis, the loss of a loved one or any other hardship and it’s time to start living.

 What are your dreams? Have you lost sight of them since you lost hope?  It’s time to give yourself permission to hope again, to dream again, to plan your life again.

 God wants you to let go of the fears of the past to live fully present and alive in the present. He wants you to love life and live it abundantly. Not strapped to a computer screen, your bed or your couch.  He wants you to climb mountains, travel the world, take up that hobby find a new love and create meaningful experiences and relationships.

  It’s time to give yourself permission to live again.  What’s done is done. Make peace with the past and move on toward your future. The devil wants you to stop dreaming so you lose hope.  God wants to give you life and give it to the fullest. Grab hold of it and don’t let go. This life is a ride and a never ending journey of discovery of new places and new people.  And it is time you gave yourself permission to go on the journey.

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