Drown Out the Noise

My husband and I went to a Kenny Chesney concert in July. The concert was full of energy, lights and excitement and was really great fun. One of the newest songs by Kenny that he sang was called “Noise”. The lyrics painted a picture of the constant bombardment of technology, phones, computers, traffic, people, music, television and busyness. The video that played as he sang was directed in such a way that one felt completely overwhelmed in the midst of all the noise.

 This planet’s population of people continues to increase. The population increase in just the last 50 years has gone from 2.5 billion to approximately 6.5 billion and that statistic is from 2005.  There are a lot of people in the world with lots of ideas, lots of things to say and lots of opinions to share. Facebook is a prime example of this. With the constant chatter of people it becomes difficult for people to form their own opinions, think for themselves and creates a false sense of self-esteem due to constant competing and comparing of our lives with others.

 This is why downing out the noise is so important more than ever.

 Practicing Silence and Solitude to Drown Out the Noise of Others and reconnect with the Creator  

One of the best things we can do to drown out the noise around us is spending time in silence and solitude. Silence allows us to listen and be mindful. I prefer to spend time in silence outdoors. When I look around and see what God has created and focus on the natural order of things, it puts things in perspective for me. It is a prayer, a meditation without words. Prayer is wonderful but there are times that our soul longs for a deep interior silence. Solitude, on the other hand is a practice that helps us to go away from others, away from their opinions, their words and lives to focus just on ourselves and our relationship with God.  I have come to crave my times of silence and solitude and when I don’t have those times, I become agitated, easily frustrated with others and depressed. It is wonderful to go to church services and be in community with other Christians, however, these practices are just as important and Jesus did them often. He went away from the disciples several times in the New Testament to hear from God and refresh.

How to Incorporate Silence and Solitude into Your Life

There are ways to make silence and solitude a part of your life. These practices will help you to become less stressed, more balanced and more aware of God’s presence. In turn it will help you to drown out all the noise around you and focus on what is important and necessary.

  1. Make it a priority.  Schedule either short daily times of solitude and silence or longer weekly times when you can get away longer.  Practicing the Sabbath and not doing work and spending time away and quiet can be a great way to do this. Perhaps get up a few minutes early each day to center yourself and be renewed for the day.

  2. Find a place where you will not be disturbed and that is away from others. For me this is outside on my deck. In the colder months you may want to designate a place in your home that is quiet and free from distractions.

  3.  Keep a journal. Keeping a journal as you begin to practice this new discipline can help you reflect on what you heard from God in the silence and can also help you to look back and see how much you are getting out of the practice.

  4. Don’t be all religious! God only wants us. There is no need to make a big deal about it and put undue pressure on ourselves. God wants us to come to His well and be quenched!

My hope is that more people will practice these things and make them a daily part of their lives. It has changed mine tremendously and I crave this time daily and weekly!! Take some time and put these into your walk and you will be blessed!